Our Spirit

Discover exceptional sites in Lyon with a private guide !
Tours by New Generation Guide put interaction and exchange forward. Together we will have a different approach to heritage and an original experience thanks to our lively guides

Listen to music during a sensory visit, taste local products in a gourmet tour, win souvenirs after a treasure hunt…

A convivial moment together with an attentive guide who will take you to discover details of a façade, secret passageways, good places and anecdotes. A surprising immersion between experience and knowledge

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The New Generation Team


Brown hair – 1.75 m tall (17 hands !)
Sparkling hazel eyes
Already married, sorry !

Walking first-aid kit
Gesticulating italian speaker
Etymological anecdotes in abundance
But professional guide above all


Teacher’s glasses
Married… With Children…
Jasmine green tea preferably

Specialist for all ages
Impressed by impressionism
You’ll love contemporary art !
But professional speaker above all