L'îlot des Gourmets

The good products of Maison Gast have the place of honour during our  food tour in Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse  indoor maket.

Nathalie's zest of life, Philippe's warm welcome, as well as the quality of their food seduced us. So this is with great pleasure we regularly share a good lyonnais meal with them (we don't mention their delicious sauerkraut !)

On the menu during our gargantuan and food-lover rendezvous : saucisson de Lyon, rosette and Jésus de Lyon, a good quenelle de brochet (pike soufflé with crayfish sauce and cognac), saucisson brioché, a handful of grattons (pork rinds), of course always involving wine, Beaujolais or Côte du Rhône.

In our neck of the woods when we say "dans le cochon, tout est bon !" (in pork everything is good), it is particularly true with L'Ilot des Gourmets…

Websites of our radiant Nathalie Dantin here :  Îlot des Gourmets  &  Gast  !