Our Spirit

Discover exceptional sites in Lyon with a private guide !
Tours by New Generation Guide promote interaction and the sense of sharing. We are proud to offer a different approach to heritage and an original experience

Listen to music during a sensory visit, taste local products in a gourmet tour, win souvenirs after a treasure hunt…

A convivial moment together with an attentive guide who will take you to discover details of a façades, secret passageways, good places and anecdotes. A surprising immersion between experience and knowledge

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Your Guide


Alex has been a tour guide since 2010,  and he is very proud of his job !
A former student and now a teacher at Lyon 2 University he gives classes to future guides (food tours, adaptation to English-speaking visitors...).

Sharing - Understanding - Open-mindedness  - Knowledge - Warmth -
Yum-Yum  are the keywords during his tours.
Alex has a great sense of humour, but he is very strict in terms of quality .
He guarantees a 100% convivial and informative experience !

Alex is also...
A walking first-aid kit,  A gesticulating Italian speaker,
An etymology-addict,  A sweet tooth,
The secret son of Julia Child & Paul Bocuse...
But a professional guide above all