When we say that cheese is an institution in France, we're going to tell you what we think about it. Let's go together to Les Halles de Lyon market and meet the team at Mons cheese shop : this is an institution !

We could tell about their tricolour collar during a while, but there is a lot to say about their delicious cheeses. During our food tours in Lyon or our food tours in Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse , you will disover very high quality cheeses (we wish anyone could taste the 48 mont age Comté !). Perfect wine pairing, a very knowledgeable team who also loves to share with us what they know about our cow friends : that is a cheese bar we love !

Typically, when we pay a visit to Etienne we taste a good runny Saint Marcellin, a Picodon, and a Comté, and sometimes a truffle-Brillat-Savarin truffé. And of course, it always involves wine : a fruity white Mâcon so exquisite that it seems to be created on purpose for what you have on your slate. Thanks to this temple of french cheese, it makes a warm moment just with 3 cheeses and a glass of wine...

And we won't forget the team : smiling, adorable, warm, and above all passionate in terms of fromage, that's why we are attached to them.

So : follow us to  Mons  !